November 01, 2004

Election Day Game: Give Bush a brain

If you drop a brain into Bush's empty cavity, he will speak for you.

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March 09, 2004

Music that makes you go Nuts - A Contest

Carl Zimmer has a post about musical halucinosis. He links to the story from The Sunday Telegraph Magazine. The story says:

Dilbeck's experience is typical -- if not universal -- among people who have musical hallucinations. Many sufferers are elderly and the songs often emerge from the deepest recesses of memory. One patient heard Italian opera that her parents used to listen to. Others hear hymns, sea shanties, jazz or pop tunes.

And while some people get used to the music and even enjoy it, to most people it is alarming and disorienting. Sufferers try to stop the sounds by closing the windows in their house, blocking up the chimney, stuffing cotton wool in their ears or sleeping with a pillow over their head.

"It's not a joke at all," says Timothy Griffiths, an expert on auditory disorders at the Newcastle University Medical School in England. "It's distracting and horrid."

Sounds bad. Sounds like an excuse for a contest. Please cast a vote in the comments section for the song which, if you were hallucinating it for weeks at a time, would be most likely to drive you insane. I am still thinking about this one myself.

Winner will be chosen at random, for no specific or apparent reason, and will receive a bag of dog treats.
Let's go.

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