February 13, 2004

Capturing the Afraidmans

I just finished watching Capturing the Friedman's.
It is, of course, an amazing story. And no doubt others have written intelligently about it in many other places. One thing about the story that struck me particularly was the seeming fantastical nature of the acts alleged. It seemed to me that the nature of the crimes of the father were so implausible as described, as to be almost literally physically impossible. I wonder if the fact that this pedophilia was homosexual did not in any way mitigate their implausibility. In other words, I wonder if the idea of homosexual acts, clearly not "considerable" to some people, might not to those same people, make those who may commit them capable somehow of behaving in a way that does not accord with natural, physical law, ie.. that is literally monstrous or demonic. And I wonder if this belief might not flow from some psychological willingness to demonize any homosexual sex act. It would be interesting to note any discrepancy between the physical nature of the allegations in heterosexual and homosexual cases of pedophelia. I am curious if any one has any ideas about this.

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