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January 04, 2005

Why so dark?

I am keenly aware that months have gone by since I last contributed to this weblog.  In truth I am stunned into silence by the imprimatur of approval the outcome of the recent election left on our country's course of action for the last four years, especially the invasion of Iraq and the abuse of men we've taken into custody as prisoners of war.

Between 1845 and 1850, more than a million Irish people starved to death while massive quantities of food -- enough to prevent the million plus famine related deaths -- were exported from Ireland to England.  Racism, politics, and economic opportunism drove the English policies that eviscerated Ireland. Until very recently I  believed that ALL Brits -- except those that actually lived in Ireland, like Jonathan Swift -- hated Irish people and approved of the English policies that caused the Irish famine. famine. Today, I am not so sure.

I will be fifty years old before the smarmy frat boy that we’ve elected king leaves office.  To borrow a phrase from my Irish ancestors “I’ll be dipped in shit” before I allow myself to spend the next four years wallowing in the impotence and hopelessness that has gripped me. But man, this darkness is hard to shake.


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