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October 27, 2004

The Bush Administration issues a misleading explanation for the disappearance of Al Quaqaa munitions

The New York Times reports that the Bush Administration’s explanation for the disappearance of 380 tons of explosives at Al Quaqaa is unlikely. White House officials reasserted yesterday that 380 tons of powerful explosives may have disappeared from a vast Iraqi military complex while Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq, saying a brigade of American soldiers did not find the explosives when they visited the complex on April 10, 2003, the day after Baghdad fell. Col. Joseph Anderson, the commander of the Second Brigade of the Army's 101st Airborne Division, who stopped at Al Quaqaa on April 10, 2003 tells a contradictory story.

Col. Anderson reports that he and his men, “stumbled on” Al Quaqaa and at the time – and did not search the facility while they were there. Col. Anderson reports that he had not been informed and had no reason to know that Al Qaqaa, was considered sensitive, or that international inspectors had visited it before the war began in 2003 to inspect explosives that they had tagged during a decade of monitoring.

"We happened to stumble on it,'' he said. "I didn't know what the place was supposed to be. We did not get involved in any of the bunkers. It was not our mission. It was not our focus. We were just stopping there on our way to Baghdad. The plan was to leave that very same day. The plan was not to go in there and start searching. It looked like all the other ammunition supply points we had seen already."

One of the reasons why I admire and support our military is because the military leaders that I’ve know – and I’ve known a few – have been earnest men of principle. Some of them could run circles around me intellectually. And some of them seemed almost incapable of critical reasoning. But to a man they fully understood and religiously adhered to the concepts of honor and duty. As a result, I am absolutely certain that it is Col. Anderson who is speaking the truth. If the Bush Administration would start giving our military leaders all known information and listening to our military leaders informed ideas and advice about this present war things in Iraq would improve to the benefit of the Iraqi people, the United States, and the Middle East in general. The only interest that might suffer is American oil companies and its constituents, such as Haliburton.

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