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April 05, 2004

A Blog To Die For

How to begin this little story. Well, recently I was visiting a blog called Raving Atheist. when I discovered that he was having a poetry contest. Not your average poetry contest. Instead of trying to explain it, I suggest you read about it here. (Note: None of this will make sense unless you read about the contest.)

So now, dear readers, you have read the idea behind this rather unique contest. Needless to say, I entered. And this evening I discovered that this humble little blog had won the contest. Well, I was quite excited about it. Because you will know, having read the previous links, that Cass Brown is now officially dying for this blog.

You should visit The Raving Atheist to read all the entries. It was all in good fun. But meanwhile, I have started an email exchange with Cass Brown. I hope to continue that conversation. His weblog, Cancer Giggles, is a ongoing writing project of someone dealing with cancer; and dealing with grace, humor, and brutal honesty. We sincerely are proud to be connected with Cass in any way.

Anyway, here is the winning limerick:

That Cass Brown, known as Atheist Jesus,
Has cancer does not really please us.
But if godless he passes,
From this world full of asses,
Then his chance for real peace just increases.

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